The Cost of Trump’s Deportation Budget to the Garden State

August 2017

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As part of its continued assault on immigrant communities, the Trump Administration is trying to reallocate billions of dollars to increasing immigration enforcement and building a border wall.

These budget priorities are a reflection of the same anti-immigrant rhetoric and platform that Trump launched on the first day of his campaign, and on which he has continued to doubledown as President. Since taking office, Trump has sought to create mass deportation in this country to tear apart millions of immigrant families. The budget is a critical piece of this effort: to stalk immigrant mothers, fathers, workers, and children in their homes, at their workplaces, and in the streets, he believes that enforcement agencies need thousands more officers. In short, he needs a deportation budget to achieve his ends.

As Trump remains fixated on his anti-immigrant crusade, he has proposed a budget that would make massive cuts to public goods such as healthcare, education, transportation, housing, and environmental protection. Trump’s budget proposal would dramatically cut the federal agencies responsible for providing these vital services, putting millions of Americans at risk and undermining their access to opportunity. Here in New Jersey, where infrastructure is crumbling, Trump’s budget would put our ability to rebuild the state’s roads, bridges, and tunnels in grave jeopardy.

This report evaluates Trump’s deportation budget—including both the proposed increases to immigration enforcement and the proposed cuts to other federal agencies—and asks, “what is the cost of Trump’s deportation budget to New Jersey?” In particular, the report examines how much of New Jersey’s taxpayer money would go to Trump’s mass deportation agenda. It concludes by
comparing that amount to the proposed cuts in other agencies, and contrasting those proposals with other, more effective ways to use New Jersey tax dollars to increase opportunity for all.

Analysis of Trump’s deportation budget proposals, applying New Jersey’s share of federal tax revenue contributions, reveals that New Jersey taxpayers are being asked to pay $275 million for Trump’s anti-immigrant crusade, at the same time that they would experience enormous cuts in education, transit, and environmental protection funding. These $275 million are in addition to the billions of dollars in lost tax revenue and economic activity should Trump be permitted to enact his mass deportation agenda.

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